Wake me up when September ends

Finally got some rain!  Still have ginormous cracks in my yard but eventually, they’ll smush together…I hope. Meanwhile, it’s nice and cool, albeit a tad sticky but that’s the norm for this time of year in Texas. It usually cools down quite nicely about three weeks after Labor Day, which is in exactly four days.  I can hardly wait for all that chilly weather!!  I like wearing hoodies, sweat pants and fuzzy slippers…and what about a cozy fire crackling in the fireplace?  Lovely…

All seems to be well here on the homefront, for now anyway. I’m still without employment but have a couple friends who provided some good leads. Something good will come along but in the meantime, I’ll keep plugging away at the ol’ internet job sites and look for fresh job posts. Lotsa people competing for the same postions these days. Way it is.


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