Hump day

I guess if I had a job, I’d be happy it was Wednesday, more affectionately known as Hump Day. When I woke up this morning (after 4-1/2 hrs. sleep), it was raining,  cool and breezy…the kind of morning where you open your door, step out and just go “aaaahhhhh”.  It’s been hotter’n Hades for quite a while now so this was a very welcome change.  Before you ask “How hot is it?” ala Johnny Carson, I’ll tell you it’s been so hot that the electric bill is $375 for this month and while that’s not much to some, it’s a lot for me.  My house is almost 2,000 sq. feet so it makes sense that a large house would have a higher bill during triple digit heat. Could be worse…when we moved in, the heating/AC system was so crappy (it’s 23 yrs. old) our bills were consistently over $400 per month. We’ve since replaced the motor and thermostat and it’s pretty comfy in here now.

I gotta tell ya, this no job thing sucks out loud. I’ve had to decline more than one position because it was just too far for my ragged out SUV to drive. Sounds lame, I know but if you saw it, you’d understand. I told my son (who wrecked it a year ago) that when it rains, we take it for boat rides because the suspension is so fahqed. The ABS still works great…but when it stops, it bounces like a boat in the lake. It’s worse when you drive it down the road because it’s more like a waverunner. Pitiful but it’s all I have for now. I keep sending good vibes and positivity out to the cosmos for that job with great pay, so I can maaayybe get a new car. Since my son wants to go to a tech school to be a mechanic, I told him we can share the crappy SUV and when mom gets a new ride, it’s all his.  Hey, I figure since he’s the one who screwed it up, he may as well be the one to fix it, doncha think?    : )

Anyway, I hope to find a job I can at least be happy with for a little while until I can make a go of writing…unless I suck at it.  LOL! For real though, there are lots of stories out there just waiting to be told. I don’t think I’m interested in fiction writing, however. I like stories about people and hot button issues, funny things, stupid things. My thoughts kinda run the gamut most days. But that’s pretty much where my head is at. Speaking of which, I think I’ma catch out and finish watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Pretty kick-ass flick.   ‘Til next time…

    & hair grease y’all!


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