Friday night lights…from the TV

What? You thought I meant football? No way…I don’t watch sports. Well, I like a good boxing match or maybe an MMA fight every now and then but not football, or any of the other…”balls”.  Although I don’t mind reading books or messing around on the internet, I am soooo glad to have a DVR again. Watching Haven right now…see?   it’s a crap picture but I thought this was a pretty cool way to prove myself.  I’m kinda nerdy like that.  : )    Gonna move on to The World’s Strangest Remains on Travel Channel next…but I won’t post a crappy BlackBerry pic of it. Yeah, it’s a little morbid but I’ll try to get through it. Well, wait…I’ve seen this before. Yeaaaah, this is the one with the Mutter Museum in Philly. They have a wall full of skulls, an 8 ft. long 40 lb. colon, and lots of other gruesome stuff. Changing channels now…just a sec……………………………………….okay,  we got Rainn Wilson in The Rocker on HBO2.  That’ll work. I don’t know why people didn’t like this flick because I thought it was awesome. Then again, I liked Airheads too; Brendan Fraser, Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi-classic! 

So what can I tell you kiddies today? Hmmmm…well, I went to withdraw my son from school and found out that if he isn’t officially in the system as enrolled in another school or home schooled, the local courts would most likely pursue truancy charges. Do what?  So I asked the registrar the obvious: “you mean even though I’m his mother and it’s my choice to withdraw him, the state will still recognize him as truant?”  (insert look of incredulity on my face right here) . Naturally, she replied,  “yes”, though I don’t think she agreed with it. She’s known my son for the 3 yrs. he’s attended that high school. I signed the papers and took my happy a$$ outside, where my mother-in-law was waiting for me. She gave me a ride since my son borrowed my car. She agreed it was all bullsh*t. We came home and I cracked open a beer. Seemed like the best way to keep from calling the state and telling them what idiots I think they are. This says it all

‘kay well I’m gonna make this a short post. Sorry but I just don’t have alot to say right now and I don’t wanna keep whining about my ex. Gets old for the readers (yeah, like I have alot of those, lol) Anyway, see y’all later.   : )


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