Moving on…and feeling blue

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening…depending upon where you are. Thought I would pass the time waiting to leave for my son’s court date and catch y’all up a bit. It was for an altercation he got into with a dude back in January. They’re actually friends but sh*t happens sometimes when you’re a teenaged boy. At any rate, he didn’t complete the terms requested by the court soooo…it wasn’t something difficult; he should’ve been proactive though. Oh well, what are ya gonna do?

Meanwhile, the ex is still in his little hidey hole, only now, he’s  playing DJ in his virtual world. Nothing wrong with that but what I don’t get is why he spends all his time online, in a make-believe world when he always said once he got his driver’s license back, he would be outta here and finding a better paying job. Now I’m not one to be talking but I didn’t exactly have my own transportation to get me back and forth to any job until the repair was done. Happy to say, my son and mother-in-law worked together to fix my radiator and now I’m mobile again. YAY!!  I have a fairly good job lead and I really hope it pans out. It would be relatively close to home so I wouldn’t have to fight too much traffic during rush hour, which can be a bitch in this concrete jungle. So that’s the moving on part…now for the feeling blue.

I think this is actually part melancholy and part depression, though I don’t feel all that depressed. Just frustrated about money (or lack of it), the fact that I have no options on finding a place of my own at this time and also that I really like someone and would like to spend some time getting to know him better but it’s just not possible at the moment. A big meat patty of “damn, damn, damn!”  because this is SO out of my control…I hate that because I feel so helpless. But I know everything happens for a reason, so it’s a temporary thing. Still and all, I’m kinda crying on the inside with a little hitch in it, if you know what I mean.

On the upside, I should have a DVR upgrade by Saturday so at least I won’t miss True Blood on Sunday. (My FAVE show!). I got one for my son and mother-in-law too, since they were replacing the old worn out receivers; this way, nobody misses anything and can pause whatever if they need to hit the loo or go make a snack. : )    Isn’t technology wonderful sometimes? I thought so too.

Well, time to call it quits for now…maybe be back later and try to write a decent poem in the meantime. Gotta be inspired with the right words and that takes time.   Later y’all!


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