in my room…

Here we are on a quiet Sunday evening…hear that? No TV in the background. Kinda nice, actually, not that I’ve had any great creative spark or anything but I realized just how often I turn that stupid thing on for background noise while I’m doing other things. I even have it on if I’m reading. Well, I might be watching something in particular and read during the commercial breaks.  My mother-in-law does that too but then again, she reads a book a day and I don’t. Too busy playing FarmVille…LOL.

So my ex (close enough and I’m tired of typing “would-be” all the time) was on his way to work tonight and got his rear end clipped by another car. *sigh* Mind you, it’s an old, 1988 Buick hoopty but in fairly decent conition, considering its age. Funny part is, this is the one time none of us were worried because he wasn’t at fault and he has a driver’s license again. He was without for about 12 years (don’t ask…too tedious; maybe if I ever put this in book form) so we’re all pretty chill about this little mishap. The repair alone will most likely cover the cost of buying the hoopty in the first place. It was only $300 so that isn’t too hard to do. LOL  Glad he wasn’t hurt though…that would’ve sucked.

I’ve got a little Yes on the mp3 (Roundabout to be precise) and Princess Poof Poof (my dog poofs when she breathes) right beside me. It’s all good at the moment.  : )    Now I know I’ve been a bit less than kind regarding my ex but you have to understand how long I waited for him to finally get his act together and once he does, BAM! he “finds” someone else and on the Internet no less. (“Bitter! Party of one!”) It’s just the incredulity of the virtual world he spends most of his time in…to each his own, I guess. Anyhoo, he really is a good guy; would your ex bring you a whole 6-pak of Coke when you only asked for one? He gave me the other half of his catfish po’ boy too. That’s friggin’ cool no matter how you slice it, kids. The sammie was cool but I was pleasantly surprised about the Coke, my Elixir of Life. I know…I’m lame.  : )

Since I haven’t been glued to the tube, I had some ideas for my blog, content notwithstanding. Don’t worry, I remembered to jot them down in my handy-dandy notebook. *snicker* Memory ain’t what it used to be but I think it’s because I have too much shit stowed away in my brain. I used to take gingko biloba for my memory but ironically, could never remember to take it every day. Well, plus, I’m still learning to navigate this whole…blog thing. But I promise to be moderately attentive and make this at least look like I know what I’m doing.    :  )

Time to say g’night Gracie and see what chicanery abounds on the internet.  ‘Til next time…

  & hair grease y’all!


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