Are you kidding me right now??

If anyone in the universe besides my friends have been reading my posts, then you’ll notice I changed the category. Figured it would be more appropriate, considering that when one is unemployed, there’s not much fodder one can include on a daily basis.

That being said, I have to tell you what happened in the wee hours this morning. I think it was about 1:30am (CDT) and I thought I heard someone talking…loudly. I had the TV on (background noise) but was aaaaaalmost out for the night when I thought I heard someone yelling. It stopped, but only briefly, before I heard it again. So I got out of bed and padded through the dining room and stood at the threshold, between the dining room and the kitchen. Turns out, it was my husband (would-be ex, remember?) having it out with someone he talks to on this online virtual game. He talks to her all the time via the mic on his laptop so they don’t just chat. Anyway, he “works” in her ahem, “club” and was having it out with her because…ready?…she told someone else in her “club” that he was bugging her; she didn’t know he saw that in the chat log. Uhhhhhhh, ookkaaaaaay.

*SIGH*…anyway, about the time I started to head back to my room, my son came running into the dining room, tittering about the stupidity of this so-called argument, and what a bonehead his dad was for living in such a fantasy world. To be fair, I can understand how if you actually have a voice conversation,  you could get to know someone a tad better. A simple chat doesn’t include all the nuances and inflections a voice conversation has; you’re better able to perceive the meaning behind the words and how it’s intended. So there I stood, at 2am, with my 17 yr. old son, listening to a one-sided conversation of someone who had his ego bitch-slapped and was responding.

First off, let me say again how it’s sometimes difficult to share the same house with my husband. The crying and bullshit is over and done, looong ago; but it’s not so easy to listen to him being so serious with someone he’s never met face to face over something she said in a flippin’ CHAT to some other avatar douchebag she was “dancing” with. Oh, he mentioned his girlfriend too. He met her in this fantasy world as well. The people he seems to have an affinity with, he talks to over some program he has on his laptop. But here’s the kicker: some of the females he’s gotten attached to ( be it this online “club” thing or some other social networking site) he’s actually called from his cell phone!! Guess who pays the bill? Yep…ME. It’s his mother’s account but since she’s on a fixed income, I pay the whole thing for all four of us. I also pay for the satellite bill, the internet/phone bill and the insurance on my own SUV, plus a piece ‘o crap van my husband used to drive. Even when he drove the damn thing, he never gave me any money for that. See, we kinda do things a little different here. I usually earn more income than my husband or his mother (obviously) so I paid the lion’s share of the big stuff. It worked out pretty well, because when my bank account was low, he would always have cash (works at a sports bar) for me if I needed gas for the car or Coca-Cola (which I’m usually never without).

Through all this bullshit, I still think my husband is good looking, intelligent, witty and a very talented musician. The love just isn’t there anymore, though I do care about him. Matter of fact, him being a musician probably explains his apparent need for attention. We’re actually friends now  but I just don’t get into his “virtual insanity”. Think I’ll have another beer.

      & hair grease y’all!!


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