Here comes the rain again…

Woohoo!! Finally got some much needed rain today…got big cracks in my yard, some 3ft. deep. Unless it rains for the next couple of days though, it won’t make a big impact on the dry ground; it just soaks in and makes us all miserable due to the humidity from the evaporation.

Let me apologize for not posting every day, being that I’ve put these into my “Daily Prattle” category. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like saying anything. I’m still new to this and I’m quite sure some folks would say it’s a loser blog or some such BS…yeah, not gonna lose sleep over that. I have no job (at this particular time) so I can’t do a road trip and blog about it and without a job, no money…no money, no long-distance trips to blog about. I’m thinking I should make a list of…well, stuff and then I can wax on about those subjects. Mind you, I have no expertise in any one particular subject and/or area. However, being somewhat middle-aged affords me the life experience to grouse/laud a veritable cornucopia of topics. I may defer to slang and if that happens, please don’t think me a clod…I assure you, I am not. I’ve just spent most of my life in the southern area of the U.S. and picked up some colloquialisms here and there.

Okay, now that we have all that out of the way, I’m gonna call this done for now and go check out some other blogs and get some ideas on how to keep y’all interested, etc.  Until then,

            and hair grease y’all!


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