Hot in the city…and other summer ramblings

Another day, another unemployment dollar…LOL. Sorry y’all…couldn’t resist.  And yes, it IS hot in the city. Temp is 102F…nothing new though…it’s August in Texas so we know to stay inside where the A/C is.  : )

So I was sitting here today, thinking about what it would be like to be financially secure. Not wealthy (though that would be okay) but secure enough that I don’t worry about another letter from a collection agency or calculting how long it will take me to get all my jewellry out of the pawn shop, or paying half the DirecTV bill so I have enough money for gas if I have a job interview.  I’m sure I’m not the only one in this predicament but I chose to share it with the whole world. Ain’t no shame in my game folks and who knows? Maybe it’ll make someone else feel better to know they’re not the only one who’s trying to coordinate how to pay their bills with what little they have.

Part of my dilemma is my fault and I accept that. See, I’m not a college type because I didn’t like school very much. Oh I was good at certain subjects (e.g. art, English, PE) but beyond those, I didn’t see the point. I spent lots of my high school years getting soused and hanging with friends, some of which I have recently reconnected with. I’m older now and wiser, I like to think,  but still not convinced that college will always get you a job that pays phat cash. I’m sure there are loads of folks with degrees in hand just waiting to begin the job their college education prepared them for. Fact is, it’s a real crap economy out there and while I personally didn’t create the mess, I’ve seen first hand the trickle down effect of the greedy bastards on Wall Street who began the economic collapse (my opinion) , offering ridiculous mortgages to people who couldn’t really afford them (but believed the fairy tale they were told) and how each and every one of us is a very important link in a very large chain that can become weak by one person’s duplicitous actions. The Wall Street “Good Ol’ Boys”  have college educations but they used that knowledge in a totally unethical capacity, at the expense of you, me and the rest of a duped nation.

As noted above, when the housing market on Wall Street collapsed, EVERYONE felt it, especially those in my industry, Title/Mortgage. Lots of folks I know were laid off (me too, 4 weeks after my father passed away) and in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure because they couldn’t pay the mortgage. I found a job shortly after my layoff in 2007 and was then unemployed again for six months in 2009. Found another job late in ’09, only to be laid off again in June of this year. All of those positions were in the aforementioned industry. I know several people that have gained and lost jobs in the same industry but it’s not just us…more unemployed workers equals less folks spending money at the malls, clubs and restaurants, which equals an unstable economy. This time though, employers want folks with education who are younger (smaller salaries) while folks my age are accepting almost anything to pay their mortgages and such.

Thing is, what “us older folks” are doing to keep up is pawning our bling, paying half of many of our bills and paying off the balance two weeks later, when we get our next check (or the next unemployment payment), and somewhere in all this, we find a bit of comfort from friends, old and new, all over the world on the many social networking sites available these days. Don’t know about you, but when I get to chat with my online peeps, I feel better. Even folks that appear to have it made because they have money have problems. But at the end of the day, even if we’re all different, we’re all kinda the same: we all just want to get ahead of the game and not rob Peter to pay Paul.       Peace, Love & hair grease y’all!!


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