…another Pleasant Valley Sunday

I don’t really live in Pleasant Valley but I’m sure you probably figured that out already. I have a tendency to be sarcastic but it isn’t meant in a malicious way…just how I am. Most of the time, I’m a “glass is half full” person and I believe that wholeheartedly;  we all have our crap days though, me being no exception. That being said, I’ll try to be as upbeat as possible and save the crazy broad rantings for a different category altogether…er, once I suss out all the features that have so graciously been bestowed upon me. Moving on…

It’s that time of the summer in the Lone Star state. where it gets so hot, makes ya sweat like a ‘ho in church. Seriously, it’s 104F out there right now! (40C for those on the metric system) In a way, it’s kinda good because then the grass mostly burns and doesn’t require mowing. Land in my area can be expensive so I’m lucky to live on an acre…but I don’t have a riding mower, only a self-propelled push mower, and thank GOD for the person who came up with that invention. Anyhoo, though it’s actually good for me to mow and reach my maximum fat burning heart rate, the summer humidity here doesn’t make it easy to mow all at once…gotta take Gatorade breaks, wipe your face so the sweat doesn’t sting your eyes, making for blurry vision. That can be dangerous for one’s own safety, as well as that of any animals nearby and perhaps flowers you may have growing nearby. Luckily, I have none. And I say “I”, even though it should be a “we” since there are more than just myself  living here; for blogging’s sake, “we” are being exclusive and simply using “I”.

My would-be “ex” left for work, my son is in his room on his laptop, mother-in-law is in her room reading until True Blood starts and as for me…I’m in my suite (being facetious, y’all), listening to my little dog Sassy snore on the pillow next to me while my other dog (due to community property laws, we share) Roadie is on his back, legs splayed wide and Easter eggs in full view. Nasty mutt!   : )    I’ll finish my blog post, grab a Red Dog beer (not my fave but it’s a beer) and try to finish my vampire book (Chloe Neill-Chicagoland vampire series) until True Blood starts. After that, who knows? Maybe a little FarmVille, Cafe World or one of those other Facebook games I seem to be addicted to. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m in the lame category for being a Facebooker but I don’t care…I like the games and have met some pretty cool folks there. I also get to reconnect (cringing…hate that word!) with some of my old classmates and it’s interesting to see where they’ve moved, what they’re doing, yadayada. Suffice it to say, it’s a good platform for an old broad like me. LOL

Soooo… now that I’ve babbled incessantly about nothing (see? I am like alot of the bloggers out there) I’ll bid you all adieu and go grab that beer I was bragging about. ; )    p.s. my favorite is Newcastle Brown Ale   mmmmmmmmmmm

Peace, Love & hair grease y’all!!


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