Can I have some cheese with my whine?

What a farkakte day!! My poor son was up all night with a hellacious toothache and being that I’m currently not gainfully employed and therefore have no dental insurance, couldn’t do much to help him. We tried hot things, cold things, vanilla extract, hot bath, hot shower running over his face…He finally used the mirror and found the crack in his tooth and pumped it full of Orajel. Maybe now he can get some sleep. Actually, maybe now he’ll listen to me and go to the dentist…when I get insurance, that is.

I keep hoping I can tap my red Old Navy flip-flops together three times to get myself out of this alternate reality I seem to be stuck in lately. Either that, or slap the stupid off the old geezer lurking behind the curtain and make him set things right. Sorry kiddies, feeling a bit selfish lately. On the positive though, I stand a very good chance of getting a job relatively close to home and maybe something I can do part-time. We shall see my babies…we shall see. Til then, peace, love & hair grease y’all!  : )


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